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"Assuta - Modern Private
medical center in Israel"

Assuta holds the prestigious JCI international accreditation


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medical chaperone is provided absolutely free of charge!

Assuta Hospital is a

center of medicine of international level. The unsurpassed quality of medical services offered by the private clinic
is combined with the high professionalism of the multidisciplinary team, the most modern equipment, comfortable hospitalization conditions and an excellent attitude to patients.

The status
of “private clinic”
allows you to raise to the rank of standard many aspects in the field of care, which in other medical centers are treated as privileges. Among them can be noted extremely fast terms of diagnosis and treatment, as well as the flexibility of the schedule of procedures, which state institutions exclude. As practice shows, the speed of the treatment and diagnostic process helps to increase the chances of recovery and shorten the period of hospitalization, which reduces the associated costs.

The entire staff of the hospital, from highly qualified professors to orderlies and technicians, is guided by the goal of speedy assistance to the patient, the result of which is subjected to careful monitoring. The scheme of integrated management of each patient, as well as the technical equipment of the hospital meets the highest medical standards.


The medical staff of the hospital “Assuta” contains highly qualified specialists with impressive experience in clinical practice. Turning to them, patients can be sure of the reliability and quality of the services provided.

Unsurpassed professionalism
International recognition
Certificates of the highest category

Within the framework of the private clinic “Assuta” there is a constant introduction of the latest developments that have proven their high efficiency in the course of numerous clinical trials of international level.

Proven treatment protocols
Modernization of medical and diagnostic methods
Compliance with the patient’s wishes

The private hospital provides the opportunity to independently choose the attending specialist among the best medical experts. At the same time, all the necessary information about the advantages of each of them is given.

Possibility of independent choice of a doctor
Assistance in choosing a doctor
Remote monitoring during the rehabilitation period

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Unique “Second Opinion” service

If for some reason the diagnosis in the country of residence is questionable and the patient does not agree with it, he or she can use the service "Second Opinion". This service provides the opportunity to benefit from the professional opinion of Assuta Hospital's qualified specialists.


Veronica Chernukha

Julia Greenberg

Ilya Pekarsky

Dov Weinberger

Shpirer Abraham

David Raderman

Gabriel Zeilig

Felix Bookstein

Iryna Zhevelyuk

Ofer Merimsky

Ella Naparstek

Jacob Schechter

Jacob Bickels

Nissan Aviram

Shlomo Schneibaum

Michael Weimann

Shalom Mihovich

Ilan Leibovich

Eli Ashkenazi

Gabriel Moses

David Morgenstein

Avi Ben Harush

Michael Schechter

Leonid Sternik

Boris Aranovich

Oren Shibolet

Topaz Maurice

Elcalai Menachem

Roni Rachmiel

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