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Jacob Bickels

Professor Yaakov Bickels is a well-known orthopedic oncologist, the most sought-after among similar specialists in Israel. His meaningful contribution to the development of surgery was appreciated by experts in medical circles around the world.

Nissan Aviram

Professor Nissan Aviram is a top-rated oncologic surgeon, impeccably specialized in all aspects of cancer surgery. In his many years of experience, he has achieved worldwide recognition as well as being in demand as a specialist in the treatment of tumors

Yuri Goldes

Dr. Yuri Goldes is an excellent oncologic surgeon who provides a comprehensive list of services related to cancer surgery.

Marat Haykin

Professor Marat Haykin is a specialist of the highest category in the field of colorectal surgery. One of Israel’s most respected specialists in laparoscopy, intestinal surgery and proctology with more than 20 years of clinical experience. Dr. Heikin is the only surgeon in Israel who uses the most advanced technology of transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) in his surgeries

Riad Hadad

Dr. Riad Hadad is Israel’s leading general surgeon, a doctor of the highest category, whose primary expertise is the treatment of gastrointestinal oncological diseases. He has a Ph. In the field of surgical treatment of gastrointestinal organs, one of the best in Israel

Shlomo Schneibaum

Professor Shlomo Schneibaum is a highly qualified specialist in the field of oncological surgery and a leading expert in the treatment of breast cancer. His long and rich experience amounts to more than a thousand successful surgeries

Topaz Maurice

Dr. Topaz Maurice is an expert in plastic surgery, using only the latest techniques and developments of the latest generation in his practice. It performs the most complex operations that are not performed in other countries.