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Assuta Medical Center tm
has established itself as a clear authority in providing medical care using the most modern approaches. More than a thousand top specialists work with the hospital, providing private consultation appointments as well as diagnosis and treatment of patients from all over the world. Over 80,000 surgical operations are performed here each year, among which almost all types of surgical techniques, both modern and conservative, are used. This particular hospital combines an unparalleled level of technical equipment with the extensive experience of the treating specialists.

The Assuta Medical Center s main building was built in 2009 in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Hajal district. The facility was designed by a renowned Canadian architectural firm that specializes in the construction of medical facilities. The layout of the building was planned in strict compliance with the requirements for the construction of Israeli meds. institutions. Since the building was constructed, the technological equipment of the hospital has been repeatedly improved, in accordance with the latest developments and medical models.

The structure of the hospital building is logically thought out in detail, such as: safe access to the operating room through one way and exit through the other; separation of elevators for patients and visitors; installation of dispensers containing antiseptic solution at the entrance to departments and wards, and much more.

The 10-story building houses: an oncology institute, an intensive care unit, 16 operating rooms, 2 laboratories, and Israel’s largest imaging department.

The medical staff at Assuta Tm cares about every patient who comes in and strives to make the process of receiving medical care as comfortable as possible. This is the reason for the increasing flow of people from other countries to the hospital for consultation, examination and treatment.

For foreign nationals, the hospital has a personal Russian-speaking assistant who will accompany the patient through all stages of treatment, in order to ensure better contact with the staff and with all the other processes in the hospital. Also, the attendant will translate all necessary information in a strict order.

The Assuta Private Medical Center has a number of incomparable advantages:

The Assuta Clinic tm has several highly specialized expert groups, which consist of specialists from various fields. These groups operate in strict accordance with the American model of peer review of collective exchange of experience, which is based on close cooperation and continuous diverse development. As practice shows, this approach provides an opportunity to address treatment issues for diagnoses of varying severity in a collaborative manner that achieves optimal treatment outcomes.

Assuta Hospital currently has the following expert groups: