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Michael Schechter

Professor Michael Schechter belongs to the category of the best modern cardiologists, whose activities perfectly overlap a high professional level and dedication to providing medical services to patients.

Shmuel Rath

Professor Shmuel Rath has established himself as a first-class specialist in the treatment of heart muscle diseases. During his 30 years of experience as a doctor, he has gained international status and a prestigious reputation among his colleagues and patients.

Amir Kramer

Dr. Amir Kramer is the unquestioned and recognized authority on the full spectrum of cardiac pathologies. He made an enormous scientific contribution to the field of cadiothoracic surgery and was able to restore health to tens of thousands of patients who had suffered complicated heart disease.

Leonid Sternik

Dr. Leonid Sternik is an unrivaled authority on cardiac surgery on a global scale. Every year, with the help of his qualification skills and vast experience, thousands of patients are discharged who have recovered from various cardiovascular diseases.

Ehud Raanani

Professor Ehud Raanani is one of the luminaries of international clinical, academic and research cardiology.

Topaz Maurice

Dr. Topaz Maurice is an expert in plastic surgery, using only the latest techniques and developments of the latest generation in his practice. It performs the most complex operations that are not performed in other countries.