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The Assuta Private Hospital has established itself as a leading diagnostic center worldwide, as it actively uses all advanced medical technologies. Thanks to the close cooperation of Israeli specialists with foreign medical institutions, the clinic is constantly introducing innovative methods, characterized by high accuracy and safety for patients.

The high quality of diagnosis in Israel, in turn, is the merit of the unparalleled work of medical specialists, as well as nurses and nurses. Most of them have completed internships in the best diagnostic centers in the United States and Europe. The staff of Assuta Hospital systematically undergoes courses and seminars on modern diagnostic methods. Specialists of the highest category regularly participate in international symposia, conduct research activities and publish research results in international professional journals. A consultation with specialists in various fields provides a comprehensive approach to solving the patient’s problems and allows for the development of an individualized treatment strategy aimed at achieving a positive result.

Also of note is the unrivaled level of the hospital from a technical point of view. The diagnostic department of Assuta Clinic uses only the most modern equipment produced by the leaders of the world’s medical industry. As a rule, using proven technical developments, clinic specialists can guarantee the accuracy and impeccable quality of the results of diagnostic tests, preventing erroneous diagnoses.

Among the technologies used for diagnostic purposes at Assuta Hospital are the following:

Why patients from all over the world prefer diagnosis in Israel

Perhaps the decisive advantage of the diagnostic department at Assuta Hospital is the comprehensive and individualized approach to the treatment of each patient, taking into account the peculiarities of the disease. All patients who come to Israel for treatment receive comprehensive medical advice, as well as diagnosis and treatment in one medical facility.