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Unique “Second Opinion” service

If for some reason the diagnosis in the country of residence is questionable and the patient does not agree with it, he or she can use the service “Second Opinion”. This service provides the opportunity to benefit from the professional opinion of Assuta Hospital’s qualified specialists.


Medical imaging technology in the diagnostic department of Assuta is one of the most demanded in Israel. The medical imaging department is staffed by specialists of the highest caliber who have undergone additional training abroad. Most of them occupy high-level positions in Israeli public medical institutions in Israel.


The Diagnostic Department of the Assuta Clinic provides all its patients with comprehensive diagnostic services, carried out quickly and accurately. Due to the continuous growth of medical technology, modern research methods make it possible not only to diagnose the slightest changes in the functional part of the organs in time, but also to determine timely the risk factors for the development of various serious diseases.