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“Second Opinion” is a widely demanded medical service today. This demand is due to the growing number of misdiagnoses in hospitals in less-developed countries in the medical field. A huge number of patients want to make sure that their diagnosis is correct. Therefore, the dedicated team at Assuta Hospital is ready to provide comprehensive recommendations for all existing medical diagnoses.

And what is the need for the service

As a rule, the skill level of the treating specialist determines the outcome of treatment.

A consultation with such a specialist can help the patient with the following questions:

As you know, the specialists at Assuta Hospital have all the capabilities that, for one reason or another, doctors in other countries may not have. Because it uses precision equipment and proven treatment and diagnostic techniques, the hospital is a guarantor of the most effective and safest treatment tactics.

It should be noted that in some hospitals that do not have the necessary equipment, doctors recommend open surgical interventions. Meanwhile, Assuta Hospital favors the latest generation of minimally invasive technology, which reduces the surgical field, the number of incisions and the risk of trauma.

How Second Opinion Service Works

Patients can apply to Assuta Hospital for this service at any stage of the disease. Service here can be available from any stage of diagnosis and treatment.

“Second opinion” on the choice of treatment method – involves a consultation with a specialist, during which he provides the patient with information about all existing treatments that will best suit his diagnosis. If necessary, all necessary procedures can be performed within the Assuta Hospital.

A “second opinion” at diagnosis implies an opportunity to undergo additional examinations at the clinic, which will provide more accurate results and help to make quite an unambiguous presentation of the disease.

A “second opinion” on the diagnostic results is a detailed examination of the documentation provided by the patient. In this case, experts evaluate the quality of the research and the reliability of the results. Based on the work performed, the patient receives information about the correctness of the diagnosis and, if necessary, undergoes a more in-depth examination at the Assuta clinic.

The implementation of each service takes place according to the patient’s wishes. It should be noted that all diagnostic and therapeutic processes at Assuta Hospital are conducted in accordance with high medical requirements, using repeatedly tested technology and certified medicines, which is a guarantee of maximum accuracy of services provided.