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Eli Ashkenazi

Dr. Eli Ashkenazi is a spinal surgeon and neurosurgeon, one of the most experienced and sought-after doctors. MD. Clinical experience – more than 20 years. A world-renowned specialist in spinal disorders, his authoritative opinion is listened to not only in Israel, but also in Europe and America

Gabriel Moses

Dr. Gabriel Moses is an internationally recognized expert in the field of surgery and orthopedics. Thanks to his efforts, many changes have been introduced that allow shoulder surgeries to be performed with high precision and efficiency.

David Morgenstein

Dr. David Morgenstern is a renowned specialist with expertise in surgery and orthopedics. He is fluent in all the subtleties of general and surgical orthopedics, in which he has achieved the best results in minimally invasive surgeries.

Shmuel Dekel

Professor Shmuel Dekel is considered one of Israel’s most sought-after orthopedic physicians and an unquestioned authority in all matters relating to complex joint surgery. In his medical practice, the professor uses advanced methods

Topaz Maurice

Dr. Topaz Maurice is an expert in plastic surgery, using only the latest techniques and developments of the latest generation in his practice. It performs the most complex operations that are not performed in other countries.