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Ram Eitan

Dr. Ram Eitan is an oncologist and gynecologic oncosurgeon with expertise in all types of minimally invasive treatment, including robotic hysterectomy, laparoscopic and uterine and appendage surgeries. Clinical experience of the doctor is about 20 years

Dov Laxman

Dr. Dov Laxman is a brilliant practitioner who uses innovative techniques and highly effective technologies in his clinical work in the treatment of oncogynecological diseases. Every year he performs more than 100 successful surgical interventions

Dan Grisaro

Professor Dan Grisaro is one of the world leaders in the treatment of women with cancer of the female genital tract. Performs surgical procedures such as diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy, diagnostic and abdominal hysteroscopy, cervical curettage, EUA analysis, cervical biopsy, abortion, leiomyoma resection, vaginal hysterectomy and ovarian removal, radical hysterectomy, cervical polyp removal, bladder resection with reconstruction

Topaz Maurice

Dr. Topaz Maurice is an expert in plastic surgery, using only the latest techniques and developments of the latest generation in his practice. It performs the most complex operations that are not performed in other countries.