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Professor Or Kaiserman is a highly qualified expert in the field of ophthalmology and eye surgery. He treats a wide range of ophthalmic diseases with innovative surgical methods. The professor’s name is known not only in Israel, but also abroad, among a wide range of medical experts and citizens of different countries of the world who have been treated by him.

The professor graduated from a medical university in Israel, where he later earned a degree in neurobiology. Then, he went on to study in the United States, where he earned a master’s degree and also completed a course in international health care standards. In a short period of time, he was able to become a weighty specialist, gain credibility and earn the reputation of his colleagues.

He also underwent a number of internships and practices in leading medical centers in Israel and abroad, which allowed him to become a specialist of international level. The professor shared his academic activities with his work as an ophthalmologist. For his clinical successes, he was often appointed to leadership positions. He currently holds the position of head of the Cornea Surgery Department and deputy chief of surgery. a physician in the eye division of the Barzilai Clinic. Patients can also go to him for professional recommendations and therapeutic and diagnostic help at the Assuta private clinic.

Today, Professor Kaiserman is considered one of Israel’s leading ophthalmologists, capable of successfully operating on patients with the most severe indications. His professional interest includes corneal surgeries, among which are: cataract extraction, refractive surgeries, corneal transplantation, keratoconus repair, and many other surgeries. His successive surgical activities include many successful reconstructive-plastic and aesthetic surgeries.

The professor is fluent in all innovative methods – he has an excellent technological base. His work is characterized by a well-organized professional approach and humane treatment of each patient.

In addition to the clinical field, Professor Kaisermann’s activities are divided between university work and participation in international research conferences. He is a sought-after author in prestigious medical publications. He received a certificate of merit from the ophthalmologists of America for his scientific achievements.