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Dr. Eyal Winkler – masterly performs the most complex plastic surgeries on patients from all over the world. He is an international specialist who uses only proven and reliable surgical techniques. Over his many years of experience, he has gained comprehensive experience in virtually all types of aesthetic surgery.

The doctor’s academic activities include study, practice, and internships in prestigious clinics in Israel as well as in Western countries. For dozens of years he mastered the field of plastic surgery, in which he was able to achieve great success. He has repeatedly held senior positions and led various operational processes.

Today, patients can go to him for an appointment at the Assuta Private Medical Center. In his competence there is a huge range of types of aesthetic operations: all types of operations on aesthetic correction of breasts; a complex of bariatric procedures; all types of operations on face and eyelid lift and much more.

He is the consummate specialist in breast reduction or augmentation, using unique techniques to do so. He works hard to find the most gentle and effective ways to operate. To date, he has authored two exclusive surgical techniques in breast reduction and liposuction surgeries. His medical achievements and research results are in wide demand among representatives of prestigious medical centers around the world.

In addition to his clinical activities, the doctor is actively involved in research and development, together with high profile and world-class colleagues. He is the author of many articles published in various medical journals.