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Ilya Pekarsky is a leading Israeli orthopedic surgeon of international renown, Ph. Every year he was recognized as one of the best spinal surgeons in Israel by the Israel Medical Association. Dr. Pekarsky’s main and main specialty is surgical treatment of the spine: osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias, all types of spinal fractures, pinched nerves, degenerative disc diseases, spinal tumors. For more than 30 years, the doctor has been helping patients from all over the world regain mobility, including celebrities such as figure skater Yevgeny Plyuschenko and pop singer Alla Pugacheva.

Dr. Pekarski always uses modern therapeutic and surgical methods, uses the latest anti-inflammatory drugs, performs ortho-kin therapy and performs a unique treatment with multifunctional electrodes (PASHA) to get rid of spinal pain. The use of endoscopic techniques allows the doctor to significantly reduce the risk of damage to healthy tissue. With the modern Spine Assist robotic system, the doctor performs even the most complex surgeries with the utmost precision. The main feature of the system is the ability to create a three-dimensional image, with which the surgeon can assess the anatomical features of the patient and plan the operation. With great success Ilya Pekarsky performs cartilage tissue implantation, which is grown in laboratory conditions from the patient’s cells. The doctor performs more than 60 surgeries each month. Thousands of patients are grateful for his professional help and individual approach.

Having graduated with honors from the Medical Faculty of the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute, the doctor went to Israel to study orthopedics at Tel Aviv University. After that, he specialized in spine surgery. He received training and upgraded his qualifications in leading medical centers in the United States, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Dr. Pekarski has performed demonstration surgeries in Europe, America, and Japan and is an international instructor in spine surgeries.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Pekarski is actively engaged in scientific activities. Of particular importance are his works on artificial replacement of intervertebral discs, minimally invasive spine surgery, surgical removal of tumors, and treatment of various deformities. Many of the doctor’s studies have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

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