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So, digital mammography, advanced by Israeli radiologists, enhances the visualization of breast tissue to millimeters, which allows you to notice the smallest neoplasms at the earliest stages. So-called 3D coronography provides a detailed spatial image of the heart vessels for more accurate diagnosis of coronary heart disease. The first computed tomography machine designed specifically for the complete examination and imaging of the heart. Laboratory facilities for the examination and sorting of cellular material and chromosomes in order to diagnose genetic abnormalities are unparalleled in the world. Scientists in Haifa have created a non-invasive breath test to diagnose cancer early, even before the first symptoms appear. Also, the micro-camera from Israeli developers Givun Imaging, can fit in a tablet and is actively used for video capsule endoscopy, the most effective method of diagnosing the digestive tract even in hard-to-reach places, such as the middle sections of the small intestine.