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Only 5 sessions of radiotherapy instead of 20 – this is the effect of the new device

A breakthrough in the treatment of prostate, pancreatic, liver and lung tumors: The Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Hajal district has begun performing focused radiotherapy using a linear gas pedal combined with MRI. A new device(Maitz Kavi) allows you to irradiate pathological areas without damaging healthy tissue. “We are the first oncology department in Israel to perform this procedure. And there are 30 such clinics in the world,” said Prof. Merav Ben-David, radiotherapist and head of the oncology clinic at the hospital. – This method gives hope to many cancer patients in Israel and around the world. Medical tourists from Russia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and other countries come to us.

The MR Linac device manufactured by the American company Viewray is a gas pedal combined with MRI. It creates an oriented image during irradiation, which allows you to accurately track the localization of the tumor. As a result, it is possible to irradiate tumors with greater precision than before.

Obtaining MRI images while the gas pedal is in operation makes it possible to see in real time the movement of organs, and the irradiation is interrupted and resumes automatically when the tumor returns to the irradiated area.